Firebell Core Team:

Dream Saga

Our latest in homemade RPG goodness!

Megaman PC

Megaman type platform experiments.

Dream Quest 2000

Pretty well developed RPG with scripting and editor.
Two official demos were released before moving on to Dream Saga.

Dragon Warrior PC

Ah, one of my favorite RPG series.
This one was developed quite far, includes almost 2 hours of gameplay and story!

Bomberman PC 2k

My bomberman clone, started in the 90's, ported to DirectX so it runs today!

Dream Quest

The second RPG engine I ever made. Had walking NPCS, and a nice window system.

Mario PC

An attempt to make a Mario type platformer. (1997)

MultiSync Ball

A very simple Arkanoid/Bricks clone. (1996)

Ancient China I

The founder of FiReBeLL's first game (RPG) (1995)