-=-=-= Dream Quest 2000 =-=-=-

What's New:

[December 24th 1999]

Demo 2.00 released!

Yes, the long awaited followup is finally ready to go! If you haven't played demo 1 yet it is recommened that you do first, as these demos are like different chapters of a story, completely different.


[May 5th 1999]

Demo 1.01 is released.

  • Saving and Loading has been completed.
  • Several Menu tweaks have been added.

Now you can save and load games, although I can't promise you old save games will work in the new version. You can save anywhere on the overworld map.

[May 4th 1999]

Demo 1 is released.

  • 65% Complete Game Engine
  • Too many new things to list, just check it out for yourself.

Thanks to all who supported us. We are looking for artists, muscians, and map designers, if you have what it takes send us an email and a sample of your work.

[April 4th 1999]

Alpha 2.01 is released.

  • Updated maps by Bludrgn.
  • Item fixes, previous script crashes fixed.

[April 3rd 1999]

Alpha 2 is released.

  • New Maps by Bludrgn.
  • Press 'm' to see a partial status screen, with realtime clock.


Yes, it's what many of you have asked for, the continuation of my Final Fantasy Clone, Dream Quest. If you don't know what Dream Quest is all about check out the original Dream Quest page. So right now I don't have a lot of info up yet but it will be coming along with a alpha version for everyone to try.



Dream Quest 2000 Demo 2.0 - Requires DirectX 5.0 or better. (24/12/99)

Dream Quest 2000 Demo 1.01 - Requires DirectX 5.0 or better. (05/05/99)

Dream Quest 2000 Alpha 2.01 - For MSDOS. (04/04/99)


  • 5 scrolling graphics layers
  • Dream Vision Script System
  • 16 Bit Colour
  • Transparency Effects
  • Smart NPC's
  • Totally Customizable Game
  • Flexible Game Engine/System
  • Programmed in C++ with OOP
  • Firebell Quality
  • Unlimited Event System
  • Easier development with Dream Vision
  • Final Fantasy-Like gameplay system
  • Final Fantasy-Like battle system

Main Engine:
  • Game Editor
  • Scripting Engine
  • NPC System
  • Collision System
  • Background Layer
  • Overlay Layer
  • Foreground Layer
  • Animating Layer
  • Transparent Text Windows
  • Hand Pointer System (Partial)
  • Font System

Scripting Engine:
  • NPC Laugh
  • NPC Say No
  • NPC Walk Randomly
  • Choice Text Window
  • Set Flag
  • Remove Flag
  • Check Flag
  • Sub Check Flag
  • Map Script Loader
  • Replace Background Tile
  • Text Windows
  • Warp
  • Counter

Questions or Comments?
  • Do you have any great ideas for this game?

Please Send Email to me at: neutopia@firebell.org
All questions or comments are welcome!


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