History so far:

Firebell was founded in 1996 by Nathan Yam and Remy Saville, who were entering the "Enix Worldwide Game Competition". The name was originally "Firebelly" but was soon changed. However our entry never made it to Japan and was lost in the mail. This game was a very early version of Dream Quest. After the compo Nathan Yam completely restarted the Dream Quest engine until he ended up with what you see today.

After that a whole lot happened in the many years that followed. Dream Quest was scrapped in favour of remaking Dragon Warrior PC. After about 2 demo releases later, many people had written in to us requesting us to scrap DWPC and go back to work on Dream Quest. So Dream Quest 2000 was started around just before the year 2000.

Firebell had been on quite a big break from the scene up until then. But once we got back into it, got new valuable team members, the popularity of Firebell rose back up from the dead. We managed to release 2 nice gameplay demos of Dream Quest 2000, and a prelim RPG Maker, Dream Create.

After that, life took a spin, and I had barely anytime to give to Firebell, so we became quiet and the website also got lost.

Now its 2003. Thanks to Setzer (a very old good friend) we have Firebell.org. We also are working very hard on our current projects, and we hope that this year will be another revival year for Firebell.



Firebell Core Team:

This is the team that started it all, and originally only contained myself as the sole member. Now that Firebell is back on the road to revival, this may be the only Team left that is truely active.

Includes Nathan Yam, Lindy Blackburn, Jason Harlan, Ken Hilf, Eric Baldwin, Craig Hendricks. Projects so far include Dream Saga, Dream Quest 2000, Dream Create, Bomberman2k, Dragon Warrior PC, Dream Quest, Mario PC, BombermanPC, Tetris, Lucky Squares, Ancient China I, Multisync Ball and Tetres.


Core Team Members:

Nathan Yam (Neutopia) (ICQ #446701)
Co-Founder, Game Designer, Producer, Coder.

The Leader and Founder of Firebell. Learn to code by reading a couple of books at the age of 16. Enjoys rollerblade hockey and studying Japanese. A total gamer. Owns almost every System released in the last 7 years. Lives in Japan and is readily losing his English ability as the days go on. Learns new things every year =)

Projects / Past Work:

Dream Saga  (Design, Programming, Project Lead) 
Dream Animation  Studio  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
Dream Create  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
Dream Quest 2k  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
Bomberman2k  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
Dragon Warrior PC  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
Dream Quest  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
Mario PC  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
BombermanPC  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
Tetres  (Design, Programming, Project Lead)
Lucky Squares  (Co-Design, Co-Programming, Joint Lead, Graphics Design)
Ancient China I  (Design, Programming, Project Lead, Graphics)
Multi Sync Ball  (Design, Programming, Project Lead, Graphics)


Kenneth John Hilf (Bludragn) (ICQ #??????)
Map Designer, Game Designer, Story Writer, Scripter.

Ken has been a gamer since 1988, and a big fan of RPGs since the days of Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior for the NES. A member of Firebell since 1998, he serves as Nathan's assistant designer for the Dream Quest/Saga games, as well as map designer, writer, and team coordinater. He still enjoys RPGs to this day, plays D&D on a weekly basis, and is still writing a fantastic storyline for Dream Saga.

Projects / Past Work:

Dream Saga  (Map Designer/Writer/Game Design, Scripting)
Dream Quest 2k (Map Designer/Writer/Game Design)
Dream Create (Documents, Testing)


Erik Baldwin (Setzer/Metrere)
Gfx Designer, Game Designer, Music Designer.


Projects / Past Work:

Dream Saga  (Map Designer/Writer/Game Design, Scripting)
Dragon Warrior PC (Map Designer/Writer/Game Design)

Justin Hodge (Smiloid)
Gfx Designer


Projects / Past Work:

Dream Saga  (Gfx Artist, Spriter)

Brian Hardison (RX2)
Anime Artist


Projects / Past Work:

Dream Saga  (Gfx Artist)

Guardian Team:

This was the first Sub Division of Firebell to join. Unfortunately as of late, Guardian has become sort of in active due to not enough free time. Maybe one day they will return.

Includes Tony Maiorano, Simon Robert, Justus Johnston. They currently have 4 projects; Zelda PC, PipeWar, The Tetris Master and Luthendar.


Guardian Team Members:

Tony Maiorano (Daroou)
Game Coder.

Antonio is more commonly called Tony. Tony grew up with Simon in Montreal and has always been his next-door neighbor. He is currently studying to get his major in Computer Science and minoring in business at the University of Concordia in Montreal. He is the main coder of Guardiansoft, one of Firebell's divisions. He worked on The Tetris Master and Zelda PC. Tony is currently learning DirectX to better his programming skills even further. His reputation as a coder preceeds him and he had no trouble finding a position as a video card driver developer for Matrox Graphics.

When Tony decides to take a break from life it's usually around midnight. (That's when Late Show with Conan O'Brien starts) When there's nothing good on the satellite dish he's tuned in on the Comedy Network or the All Day Johnny Carson channel.

Simon Robert (Hissssa)
Gfx Designer.

I must say that Simon is an excellent artist! Wasn't allowed to play video games on weekdays in grade school. As a result, made sketches of every Nintendo character imaginable. Makes up for lost time with his Nintendo by working on game clones. Drinks Dr. Pepper. =)

Simon made the design for the new webpage he's also majoring at the Montreal University of Concordia in Computer Science and Fine Arts, two fields which he hopes will one day complement each other giving birth to a new breed of superior techno-artist aristocrats with enhanced telekinetic powers.

His interest towards computer graphics lead him to work as a multimedia tester for Matrox Graphics and later as a 3D designer for Ubisoft.

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No part of this web page may be copied without permission.





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