Mario, hasn't everyone thought about making their own mario game? Well I did, three times infact, there are three different versions of this mario game! Each version getting better and better! The main problem I had making these game was with collision detection however in the third version this is fixed. Working on these projects has really helped me with collision detection!

This was all just an exercise in learning how to make a platform type game. All of the versions are far from complete. But it served as for some good educational learning.

The Game:

You can't really do much, I would more like to call this technical demos. You can move around in the map, and the map scrolls. The second one include parallax scrolling type effects. The third version has game pad support as well as the best collision detection of the three.

What's done so far...
  • Main scrolling implemented
  • Animations Impletemented
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Jumping
  • Collision Detection

What I'm working on now...
  • I'd like to redo this project some day when I have time.

Screen Shots:


Mario PC
Version 1


Mario PC
Version 2

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2


Mario PC
Version 3

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2



Mario Version 1

Mario Version 2

Mario Version 3

These downloads are old! And run in DOS!
There is no sound support so they still should run on todays machines.
But the second one might suffer from extreme slowdown due to the way the timing was handled.


Questions or Comments?
  • Ah the joys of platform programming ;)

Please Send any Email to me at:
All questions or comments are welcome!