Added Note: Wow, this was my second game I ever made. And the first action game I ever attempted. The collision detection is really shoddy, but making this was certainly good practice for the future.

Well this is one of the first games I made, it came right after Ancient China I, I was inspired by this game called Electronoid, so I decided to make my own arkanoid clone!


The Game:

It's your basic arkanoid clone! What else can I say, I used the ding sound from windows!


What's done so far...
  • Hit ball with paddle
  • Start ball on paddle
  • A little bit incorrect Collision detection
  • Sound + Music!
  • 5+ Levels!
  • Self playing demo mode!


What I'm working on now...
  • Haha an outdated list ;)
  • Powerups ( From blocks )
  • Cleaning up the code
  • Convert to gfx Vesa mode 320x240, for faster gfx!
  • Fix Collsion Detection
  • Port to Watcom C


Screen Shots:




MultiSync Ball!


Questions or Comments?
  • Everyone loves Arkanoid ;)
All questions or comments are welcome!