This was my very first game I made, I started about three years ago I believe! I'm making a page for it for memory's sake. It's fun to remember your first project and how bad it really was. The source code is very funny! Actually it's kinda embarrassing now. haha. I'm pretty sure this was back in like 1995 :)

The Game:

My first attempt at making an rpg. (Actually this is a lie! I made several text only RPGs previously, that are unreleased, quite hilarious actually!) This game started when I didn't even know how to program gfx (let alone draw), so the first version was the really bad text game! (Just called Ancient, then Ancient2) It slowly got a little better. I drew all the gfx by myself, they were so bad. Anyways I am glad I made this because it taught me a lot about coding. The last version I made wasn't that bad however. This is the first time I figured out how to do screen scrolling! Fully coded on a Pentium 60, wow that was a long time ago!

What's done so far...
  • Super slow scrolling :)
  • ASM Encoded Tiles
  • Sound + Music
  • Really Bad gfx (All Drawn in Deluxe Paint by yours truly!)
  • Partial Battle mode

What I'm working on now...

I don't think I will be working on this game ever again, but if someone wants to pick up the project, be my guest, but I must warn you the code is very hard to follow!! Its funny now that I have made an engine today that is so versitile that I could remake this in a matter of 20 minutes! Perhaps I will someday.

Screen Shots:


Ancient China I Gfx Version

Questions or Comments?
  • Who here remembers mode 13h?!
  • Andre Lamothe?!
  • His famous books?

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