Bomberman, the best multiplayer game ever made! I was so happy when I found out the Atomic Bomberman was going to be released for the PC, however when I saw the game I was really upset! They had changed the cute japanese style gfx to 3d rendered crap! You just can't do that! The powerups looked so bad, and they were hand drawn. UGh, so I decided to make my own bomberman game, how hard could it be?

The Game:

The game will have gravis grip support! As well as network, modem, and hopefully internet playable :) I will make the game as close to the original bomberman as possible, but no kangaroos! The game will be 5 player max, with no one player mode, atleast not yet.

What's done so far...
  • Implemented map number one
  • Implemented original bomberman gfx
  • Partial Collision Detection
  • Added Bombs, Melting Walls, Explosions!
  • Ported the old DOS Vesa 2.0 version to Windows DirectX :)

What I'm working on now...
  • Fixing up collision detection, getting it perfect
  • Powerups
  • Multiplayer

Screen Shots:


Bomberman Preview Version Win9X DirectX 5.0 or Greater Required.

You can walk around, and blow stuff up ;)

Questions or Comments?
  • Ah who doesn't love bomberman?

Please send any Email to me at:
All questions and comments are welcome!