I love rpg's! Well who doesn't? And one of the all time greatest rpg's ever made has to be Final Fantasy 2! This game rocks, and so I decided to create a Final Fantasy type rpg for the PC. I still don't know why no one has ever made a final fantasy type rpg for the PC I still don't get it, anyways this is why I am making this! This was our Enix Game Competition entry.

The Game:

This was my second RPG I ever developed and I started it way back when I was in Highschool. I didn't get very far, but I learned a lot of valuable things. Such as how to make a simple map editor, and how this speeds up development. Working with palettes was a pain in the ass.

What's done so far...
  • I have almost implemented everything except for the battle system so here's a list
  • Scrolling Engine
  • Charactors fully interactable
  • Game Editor
  • Weapon Shops
  • Item Shops
  • Animated Tiles
  • Awesome Pop up windows
  • Music (although this seems to make it crash on some people's computers)
  • Awesome Intro! (looks just like FFV!)
  • Equipment, Items, Status
  • Collision Detection

Screen Shots:



Dream Quest Version .40a: with sound!
If this crashes download the version without sound!

Dream Quest Version .40a: without sound

These games are Old Skool Dos applications. On todays machines you'll probably need a SoundCard emulator to get the sound version running.

Questions or Comments?
  • Ah Classic Console RPG goodnes.

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All questions or comments are welcome!