A while back I decided to make a Dragon Warrior clone. I just loved the series, and wanted to make a new game. The thing that makes the dragon warrior games so fun is the gameplay. The gfx in the first four Dragon Warrior games isn't that great, but the games are super fun to play! If you've never played a dragon warrior game I suggest getting one and playing it right away!

Another thing is that ENIX didn't release any of their new Dragon Warrior games (Dragon Quest in Japan) over here in North America. Their are actually a lot more Dragon Quest games in Japan, there's 1-6, and a remake of 1&2 on one cartridge, and a remake of 3, both for the snes, so the games have way better gfx and sound :)

I believe Dragon Quest 7 is going to be released for the PSX soon, lets hope it gets translated and brought to North America!!

A little side note, I started this project awhile ago, but then sorta left the project, but since then I decided to restart the project using way better gfx and a brand new gfx engine I developed, the result is a way better game!! The first version was made when I had very little experience, now I am way better at coding so expect the new version to be awesome!


The Game:

I am trying to keep the gameplay as close to the Dragon Warrior games as possible, to keep all that awesome gameplay, but I won't hesitate to add new inovations that will make the game more fun to play! So if anyone has any great ideas please email me!

The game will feature an awesome story/plot, maybe the game will branch off a little and you can have different endings.

I want you to be able to choose different party members, each with different abilities but give each of those characters more depth, and you will have to do certain things to get certain party members. So it will be kinda like Dragon Warrior 3, cept you don't just go and get your party members at the start of the game, you meet them and then convince them to join you.


What's New (September 25th 2003)
  • Fixed all download links, and updated the readme.txt files to reflect our current contact information.

What's New (December 27th 1998)!

Dwpc Alpha 1.21 released.
Lots of important bug fixes.

What's New (Christmas 1998)!

Alpha 2 released!
Screw that bridge!

Yes lots is new, haven't had time to beta test it, so please report and new bugs to me. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Includes real story!! Playable game.
Check it out on the download page.

Special thanks to people who have been supporting us!
(You know who you are =)

What's New (August 23rd1998)!

Updated DWPC's progress. Hope to add some new screen shots soon.

All file links now work.

Older News:

What's New (May 2nd 1998)!

Updated the map editor. Fixed the VESA 2.0 detection routines in it, so a lot of people should be able to use it now. Also added copy and paste! Makes drawing maps way faster.

What's New (April 29th 1998)!

Finished the wicked titlescreen effect. Fixed yet more window size problems. Made music loop properly. Fixed backspace problem (the fact that it didn't do anything!). Adding the Firebell logo, although I will redo the fire thing soon.

I'm going to start adding to the map editor now. Add copy and paste hopefully, as well as fix it's VESA routines as well.

What's New (April 28th 1998)!

Alright! I finally finished converting DWPC to 15 bit color. Fixed a couple of VESA VBE 2.0 video mode detection routines, I can finally run it without Scitech Display Doctor! Many people should be able too, once I release it.

I have began to experiment with DirectX, thinking about porting DWPC to Windows 95, if you have and experience in this area please email me.

I'm working on testing for more menu size problems, but I think I got them all. I'm also going to add a wicked title screen effect, and put the Firebell logo intro into 15 bit color.

By then Immortal will have the new storyline ready and We'll start putting it all together.

What's New (April 22th 1998)!

Joel Vincent (Immortal) has joined the DWPC team!

Working on converting to the more compatible 15 bit color resolution. Fixing VESA video mode detection routines. Game developement is still underway. Thank you for your patience. Hopefully things will be running more smoothly now that Exams are all finished. Although I have to find work soon.

This is the really GRiT of the coding is being done now, cleaning up the huge gigantic mess that's built up.

Thank you for all your support, emails, etc.

What's New (February 22th 1998)!

Dwpc Map Editor available for download.

Yes, now everyone can help out with the making of Dwpc by creating maps for it.

What's New (February 4th 1998)!

DWFiX Available for download

Bare bones version that removes sound and VESA 2.0 support. This version should run for everyone.

What's New (January 29th 1998)!

No Sound Version Available for download

What's New (January 8th 1998)!

New Version 1.1 Available for download!!

New Stuff Completed:

  • Music Added
  • Temporary SFX Added
  • Popup Status Added
  • Search Name Bug Fixed (Thanks for the Emails)
  • New Starting Map Implemented (Is it better than the one before?)

Hopefully this version will work with your soundcard. Don't forget to run SETUP.BAT before you start the game. Please report any new bugs. BTW to see the new starting map you will have to start a new game.

What's New (January 4th 1998)!

New Version Available for download!!

New Stuff Completed:

  • Game Introduction Complete
  • Maps Made
  • Completed Cutscene System Code
  • Added to Enemies database
  • Added to Items/Weapons database

Wow! Finally a playable version is ready, and available for you to try out and download. Complete with all the NEW features I've added it is a totally up to date version, right where I am now. Battle and everything else, including the what I've got done of the story is included. Download and check it out now!

Please report any new bugs you find in the game! Thanks.

What's New (January 3rd 1998)!

New Stuff Completed:

  • Game Start Menu Complete
  • Save Game
  • Load Game
  • Delete Game
  • Saving/Loading System Finished

Ok just finished the Start menu, looks like classic Dragon Warrior, except we're missing the copy game option. I don't think we need this, although if there are enough requests I'll put it in. Going to start making maps, putting more enemies, items, weapons and armour now.

BTW I am now looking for some original Item names, weapon names, armor names, helmet names, and shield names. And some original Spell names would be cool too.

What's New (January 3rd 1998)!

New Stuff Completed:

  • Battle Background System

Completed the Battle Background system, and it looks awesome! Each position on the map may now have it's own unique background.

What's New (January 3rd 1998)!

New Stuff Completed:

  • Battle Magic
  • Main game Magic
  • Experience Level System
  • Fixed Equipment bug
  • Fixed Window problem
  • Main Engine is now 95% Complete!

Some people have notifyed me that for them the game crashes right after the title screen, although this has never happened to me personally, I am looking into the matter. If anyone else is having troubles please email me with info about the conditions that you ran the game in.

Well the game interface is basically done. Right now I'm adding the battle backgrounds so that when you walk on different types of terrain a different battle background pops up accordinly. After that's done I'll be adding the Start Game menu, save games and a game timer that logs how long you've been playing aka Final Fantasy. When this is done it'll be time to start making maps, adding a main story, adding more enemies and finally release version 1.0

Thank you for your patience.
It isn't easy making a great game, it's FUN!

What's New (January 1st 1998)!

New Stuff Completed:

  • Battle Items
  • Battle Run
  • Monster Editor

Added 320x200 Video Code, although a little squished the game will now RUN ON ANY VIDEO CARD!! If you had problems before you can now try the game, you won't even need to get display doctor although I do recommend getting it so you can try the 320x240 screen mode which is a lot nicer.

We're getting closer to a fully functional Game Engine!
Added some more pictures of DWPC new!


Dragon Warrior Pc Map Editor - Map Drawing Utility

Dragon Warrior PC: Old Version (please read the readme first)

Description: This was the old original version of the game I started working on a long time ago. The gfx are very primitive and the game play extremly limited. Almost no interaction with other characters. Only one real goal to this. Although a lot of people have emailed me and told me they liked it. There are cheat codes hidden as well!

Dragon Warrior PC: New Version w/Sound (1.21)
(please read the readme!)

Description: Just a few words go here, check it out. BTW do not use old saves with this, unpredictable results will occur.

New in this version, lots of bugs fixed.
Check out the readme for more information.

Dragon Warrior PC: New Version w/Sound (1.1)
(please read the readme!)

Description: A brand new up to date version of DWPC new including the start of the story, battle, shops, mainland map etc. Playable!! Check this out. I'll be making and adding on to this probably leaving patch files available for download.

No Sound Patch (Requires DWPC version 1.1)

Description: A patch for people who have problems running the sound version due to an incompatible sound card.

Bare Bones DWFiX (Requires DWPC version 1.1)

Description: This version has no Vesa 2.0 code in it, or sound. Try this if the other versions aren't working.


All pictures taken from Low Res 320x200, it looks better in 320x240 but I couldn't take screen shots.


Nathan Yam (Neutopia) : Coding, Project leader.

Erik Baldwin (Setzer) : Level Design, Game Design, Gfx.

Lindy Blackburn: Music Composer.

Joel Vincent (Immortal) : Level Design, Game Design.

This game is coded in pure C, using Watcom C/C++ 10.6


What's done so far...
  • Main Scrolling Engine Implemented
  • Town people move around and are interactable
  • Main menu done (Item,Status,Search,Equip,Spells,Talk)
  • Items fully implemented
  • Status implemented
  • Search implemented
  • Equip implemented
  • Talk implemented
  • Collision detection implemented
  • Map editor implemented
  • Map editor totally finished!
  • All Shops Implemented
  • Full Screen Implemented
  • Bugs Fixed
  • Flag system finished
  • Battle Items
  • Battle Run
  • Monster Editor
  • Experience Level System
  • Magic Fully Implemented
  • Battle Background System
  • Music + SFX System
  • 15 Bit Colour


What we're working on now...
  • Chapter 1 (Brand Spanking New)
  • People Removal System
  • New Save System
  • Extras
  • House of Healing+


Questions or Comments?
  • Do you think the story should be linear or branching?
  • What do you think about this project?
  • Can you help me out with Coding/Gfx/Sound/Story?
  • Do you have any great ideas for this game?

Please Send Email to me at:
All questions or comments are welcome!