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All games below are provided as self-extracting executables. They have each been checked for viruses using Norton Antivirus Professional.



A clone of the good old Vectrex game named "Rip Off", this game was handed in as our final project for our Computer Graphics course at Concordia University. With the added ingenuity and programming skill of two non-Guardian Soft members, Gerard Nantel and Paul Di Marco, this game made quite the impression during the project presentations! Geared towards showing off graphics, we implemented many eye-catching features such as alpha-blending, particles, shadows, texturing, lighting, and more!




Our first hack at using OpenGL, C4GL is yet another Connect Four game, but with cool 3D graphics! Currently, it supports only 2-player mode on one machine, but we have plans to add the ability to play against a friend over the Internet, as well as against a computer player.



The Tetris Master

No respectable game programmer can get away without every coding a Tetris clone. Although it respects the original Tetris rules, TTM's special twist (isn't there always one?) is that it supports themes. Each theme changes the graphics, music and sound. You can even create your own themes, and if you send them to us, we will gladly make them available to the public!

Recently ported to work on all versions of Windows!



The Tetris Master for BlackBerry

After getting a really cool RIM BlackBerry device for Christmas, Antonio Maiorano decided to port his Tetris Master code to it. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and didn't take too long because the code was very modular, so extracting the non-platform specific part was a breeze.

There are two downloads for this game: the first is for people who own a BlackBerry and want to load it up (refer to the ReadMe file for info on how to do this). The second is for Windows users - it allows you to run the game using the official BlackBerry Simulator.

DOWNLOAD for BlackBerry owners
DOWNLOAD for Windows users 


The Tetris Master GL

Because the original Tetris Master no longer worked properly on Windows 2000 and on newer video cards, Antonio Maiorano decided he wanted to port the game to use OpenGL instead of VESA 2.0. This version is an extremely quick port of the core Tetris code that uses OpenGL. As you can tell from the screenshot, the graphics are lacking, and the game is missing all the great features of the original, but this is just a start!

Antonio has also used this version of the code to teach game programming to a couple of his friends, and found it to be so useful that he decided to provide the source code for it! So here you can download the game alone, or the entire source code with the Visual C++ workspace and project files (for v6 and .NET). We must also mention that it uses NeHe's base code to get OpenGL up and running.

DOWNLOAD Source Code 


Pipe War

An original from Guardian Soft, this is an addictive puzzle game that seems to be a big hit at house parties (well... from our own experience anyway). The concept, graphics, and coding all came from the creative yet often bizarre mind of our very own Simon Robert. His love for classic arcade games shine in Pipe War, especially in the intro sequence...



Zelda PC

A clone of the original NES version, Zelda PC was the first project we undertook after Nathan Yam, founder of FireBell, took us under his wing. It is far from finished (no enemies, can't walk through doors, etc.), and remains the game most requested to be completed. Perhaps we shall someday fulfill this request, only time can tell!




Coded entirely in Pascal, Luthendar is the first game we ever wrote, and marked the beginning of our involvement in the game-coding world! Some of our fondest memories date back to Montreal's Ice Storm '98, where we spent countless candle-lit hours designing this game. Although the code is horribly convoluted, the game itself has some surprisingly nice features. Definitely worth a look!

There are two downloads - one for computers that are Pentium Pro 200 or better, and one for the slower computers. The PPro-better version actually runs much faster than it's supposed to, so we apologize for that.

DOWNLOAD  for Pentium Pro 200 or better
DOWNLOAD  for slower than Pentium Pro 200


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